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Dining out with your family or with the little ones can sometimes be quite a complicated task…


Will there be a kid’s menu? Will we be able to change nappies in the toilet? Will there be children’s chairs or high chairs? Will we be able to order food to suit the age of our kids?

For this reason, the catering establishments which are part the Ibiza Family Experience project have passed an audit that guarantees that they are prepared to meet the needs of families with children.

Healthy children’s menus or smaller portions for many dishes, 1 litre size water bottles, desserts to suit children, small chairs and high chairs, safe areas, etc. These are some of the main features of the restaurants who have joined our label which specialises in family tourism.

Enter the search engine for restaurants and decide:

  • What time you want to go
  • The type of cuisine you like best
  • Your preferred location
  • The surroundings you like most, beach, countryside, urban, family…
  • If there is children’s entertainment
  • Etc.

Eivissa sempre ha destacat per una gastronomia espectacular. Restaurants de tot tipus en indrets meravellosos que, ara, també podràs gaudir, en molts casos en família. No perdis l’oportunitat de fer del teu menjar o sopar un moment per gaudir tots junts.

Descobreix els restaurants que ofereixen entreteniment per als teus fills mentre tu tranquil·lament degustes la, considerada per molts, millor gastronomia del Mediterrani.

Eating out with the young ones is made simple with Ibiza Family Experience

Enjoy your family vacation on the coolest island in the Mediterranean

Click here to consult the standards that must be met by restaurants which are part of the Ibiza Family Experience