Discover what to do, where to stay, where to eat and what to visit on your best ever family vacation on Ibiza

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Family stays

Discover the best places to stay, as a family, all together. Hotels, apartments, houses and country villas, hostels, agritourism (rural hotels) etc. all specialized in looking after families. Enjoy Ibiza with your family!

Ibiza is renowned for its beaches, its ambience, its tranquillity and its fun. Come and enjoy and discover it with your family; rest, dine and have fun while staying in top establishments which are all part of the Ibiza Family Experience label, making your family holiday an unforgettable experience and one which you will no doubt want to repeat.

"How to survive travelling with young children"
Travelling with the little ones can always be a bit daunting…and especially with David and Lucía who are two whirlwinds. In the family accommodation in Ibiza we found just what we needed”
Helmut and Nina
Neusiedl am See, Austria

Eating out

The best selection of restaurants, cafés, beach bars, etc. on the island with special facilities for families: children’s menus or smaller portions, children’s deserts, high chairs …We are ready to welcome you!

Ibiza is famous for its incredible choice of restaurants. Breakfast, lunch or dinner becomes much more than just a meal…Many of our restaurants, offering all types of cuisines, take families into consideration and adapt to suit those travelling with little ones.

“I love going to restaurants and feeling that they are taking us into account: small portions for my kids, healthy food, large bottles of water. On Ibiza it is a joy to eat out with the family”

Roger and Estela
Barcelona, España
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Family Having Fun Stand Up Paddling Together in the Ocean on Beautiful Sunny Morning

Things to do

The most fun loving and lively island of the Mediterranean offers an incredible choice of all kinds of family activities. Discover over 100 plans of all sorts of things to do as a family in Ibiza. Next year, … you’ll have to come back!

On such a small island, where the farthest point is just 40 km away, we find hundreds of options available for having an unforgettable vacation: nature, sea, sport, culture, excursions, caves, visits, active tourism … The offer is unparalleled, which is one of the main reasons why thousands of families visit us year after year …

"Ibiza can be tranquillity or fun, nature or culture, sport or relaxation ... Ibiza is whatever each one of us decides it to be, and we have never found this anywhere else on the planet ... and we have travelled loads as a family"

Lourdes and Marga
Travelling with their children David (6) and Lucía (4)

Events on Ibiza

Check out the choice of family events taking place on Ibiza during your vacation.

The complete choice of shows, acts, markets, visits, plays, exhibitions etc, for you to enjoy with your family on the island of Ibiza, just a few clicks away.

"We had such fun at the Medieval Market!"
"We had heard about the Ibiza Medieval Market but what my girls and I experienced during those three days in May was like a dream. We are already looking forward to next May to go back"
Thomas Robertson, from Coventry, England
Travelling with daughter Mel and niece Adele
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“It is incredible to be able to travel to a destination where you can do so many things with the family and travelling with teenagers is not always easy. We loved the activities on offer at “Ibiza Creativa”. We will definitely be back!!"

John P. Smith, from Manchester
Travelling with Amy his current partner and with John’s two children, teenagers aged 14 and 16

“Travelling with an only child is not always easy. On Ibiza we found everything we needed for Tomi to have a great time and we had fun too doing stuff together. We were wary of travelling to Ibiza until it was recommended to us, and we have now been coming every June for the last three year"

Rosa Clerici and Alessandro Natale
Modena, Italia

“I love the fact that I can go away with my children and feel that I am on holiday as well and not just “looking after them”. On Ibiza both us adults and the kids can enjoy ourselves. We loved going jogging every morning at 8.00 with the Ibiza Family Experience group."

Peter Helmig, Alex and Carmen

“The more I come to Ibiza, the more I discover. I have been holidaying on the island in September for four years and I never cease to be surprised at how well it is set up for families"

Tomas de Bruyn
Antwerp, Belgium

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